Sponsors, Sponsorship & Opportunities


Like many up & coming riders Laura relies heavily on sponsorship and offers a variety of packages to best suit the needs of your company. It is an exciting chance to follow a rider through their career, help them over the many hurdles and of course most importantly promote your company to the core of the equine world. Laura is utterly dedicated and determined individual who can offer....


  • A variety of individual sponsorship packages and opportunities
  • Company logo on trailer/lorry as well as horse / riding clothing
  • Promotion of company/products on this website
  • Promotion of Company/product at competitions, training and trade events
  • Recommendation of your company/ products to clients, owners, friends and associates


Some key Benefits

  • Brand awareness - One of the main marketing tools is getting your companies name/logo out into the core market. Laura attends many events, training & coaching sessions across the UK bring your company to the centre of the equine market.
  • Recommendation - This is a huge selling plus for any product. Any companies sponsoring Laura will be that of products/companies she would use and recommend herself to clients, friends and associates - What is better than a Word of mouth recommendation....
  • Get Involved - Honestly there is nothing better than living, breathing the sport that you love - Sponsorship is a fantastic way to get your company, team & product as close to the action as possible!


About the Equestrian Industry

Equestrian sport is unique in that men and women compete against each other on a equal basis. It is also a sport that holds a strong social and family element; this means that consequently show centres often become hosts to entire families and groups of friends alike.

Eventing is a unique combination of all the disciplines of dressage, cross country over fixed fences and show jumping - in one exciting activity. British Eventing is the National Governing Body for the sport of Eventing in Great Britain. It is a sport that engages all ages and has equal opportunities to compete. British Eventing (BE) schedule over 180 events throughout the season, nationwide with 94,000 + entries. BE has an increasing 11,000 members from grassroots to International riders & BE teams at all levels have had huge success in World and Olympic competitions.


  • The equestrian industry is worth £4.2bn in the UK. (This figure excludes racing but includes riding lessons which are worth £700m.)
  • Over the last decade, riding has become less seasonal with 95% riding all year round - compared with 61% in 1995.
  • More than 8 out of 10 equestrian consumers have access to the internet.
  • 43% of GB Households have a household member with some form of equestrian interest (11 million)
  • Horse owners, careers and riders in Britain spend more than £7 billion per year in gross output terms.
  • Eventing teams have won 19 medals since the Eventing World Championships began in 1966 - more than any other nation.


Laura hopes that these opportunities, facts & figures will inspire your company to get involved with a successful sport and industry.....


Further Opportunities


Champagne Lunch & Course walk

An ideal day out for the whole family. Support Laura by entering her into a BE Event and receive a fun packed horsey day in return. This day includes free entry to the event, a course walk with Laura - learning what to look out for, where the difficulties may be and a look at the course from the horses' perspective. Champagne lunch with Laura and her team at the lorry and of course watch all the action unfold. What a prefect day out!!


Website Banner/s

Need more keen equine enthusiasts on your site - then look no further.... Sponsor a page on LR Eventing or the whole site with an advertisement Banner of your company and a link to your site. This website is heavily promoted to the keen equestrians in the Midlands and East England.


Laura has previously been sponsored by Your Horse online, AA Computer Hardware and Welcome Holmes Letting agency.

All facts and figures where sourced from registered equestrian bodies - LR Eventing cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.