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Home Coaches Day

(November 14, 2012)

Home Coaches Day


Lectures & Demos from Charlie Unwin, Yogi Breisner & Andy Thomas!


After a long drive I somehow managed to find the Unicorn Trust EC – which is a lovely facility.


First of all we had a fascinating talk from Charlie Unwin a Performance Psychologist. This whole discussion was so interesting and re-fused a passion of mine in the psychology field (I often wonder what I’d be doing now if I did study Psychology & Philosophy at degree level.)


He started the talk with discussing the following key points and elaborates on each:


  • Talent can be as unhelpful as helpful ( here saying that sometimes talent individuals rely completely on this and can be difficult to coach / not too interested in the theory which can hold them back from developing the skill)


  • Confidence in a plan is as important as the plan itself ( To have a plan you believe in is vital for success)


  • Technical ability means very little if it cannot be performed when it matters (elaborating on the warm-up syndrome where riders/horses can be amazing then unable to produce the goods in the ring)


  • The horses perform as a function on how we perform. (here it is rather taking a closer look how we/rider performed rather than just analysing the horse)


  • Understanding the need to do things differently does not necessarily lead to us to doing things differently. (Here discussing the idea that although we may have learnt/understood the need to change what we are doing it actually requires a lot of effort and concentrating to really change a habit/action)


I hope reading through this allows you to ponder on many things we do and change some of our understandings. These notes are a very brief summary of what I felt was the Key points or worth noting for further thoughts. If this is of particular interest to a reader I strongly recommend you to attend one of Charlie’s Workshops – I know I will be!


“Experiences are the events that you’ve been part of; Expertise is what you have learnt from them.”


I am thinking of printing up inspirational quotes and sticking them up around the yard to really get myself thinking, reacting & changing from my experiences/expertise.


Here Charlie was discussing the point that an individual may for example have 15 years’ experience in a field but only 1 year’s expertise as they have not learnt anything from their experiences after the first it has just been repeated. To really explain this he had come up with a great visual reference’s referring to a simple bookcase! So if the shelves are your experiences and books are your expertise some of us would have few shelves with few books on them others few shelves with lots of books and via verse lots of shelves few books or (like professionals) lots of shelves and lots of books! Which are you and what can you do to increase your book collection!....


“As coaches your job is to create a structural change in the brain of your clients with the impact of making them more effective riders.”


Another great quote mentioned by Charlie and Yogi which is a particular favourite of mine:


 “Gold Standards not medals”


To encourage riders to look at the whole picture and build for the future rather than a “quick fix.”


“A rider’s responsibility is to allow the horse to utilise its natural ability to its maximum & be of assistance otherwise any shortcomings”


Yogi’s Rider “Blue Print” – Harmony in acceptance of the contact.


Yogi spent some time discussing his blue print for the future then did a master class teaching 3 student which was fascinating to see.


Andy Thomas did a really good talk and demo (on Jeanette Brakewell) discussing correct basic rider position & balance on and off the horse. Most of us will be one sided. To find out which is your weaker side simply stand back against the wall lifting each leg bending the knee off the ground in turn – it will be apparent straight away!


I really enjoy these days, a chance to meet fellow coaches, learn from the expertise, get inspired and build my CPD portfolio.


A Huge Thank You to Caroline Moore for organising such a wonderful day!


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