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(September 10, 2012)


Many people have emailed in to ask for more on the About Me page:


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More about Laura as a Rider

Laura is a quiet and patience rider who has an ability to build up an instant rapport with a horse.

A mention to some of the horses Laura has helped: Laura has turn around an international show jumper who had “thrown in the towel” from being nappy, unhappy & refusing to jump; into a sweet, calm and happily popping a 1.10cm course – Laura has also re-schooled a so called “devil horse” a youngster with no hope into a nice all-round RC/event mare including an introduction to XC & SJ. With time, routine and patience these horses soon understood what they were being asked – Laura spends some time working with horses on the ground schooling, long reining & some times lunging.

Quote from trainers, judges, employers, associates’

“Laura has the ability to produce winning results & now just needs an opportunity to prove exactly how much she is capable of”

“Laura’s ability is far higher than her confidence level – I have even invited to her to work & ride at my yard”

“Laura has a lovely harmony with her horse scoring her a 9.5 for riding in the BYRDS talent spotters”

“Laura has been SJ training with me for a number of years and I have seen her ride babies/PN to advance horses all in a good balanced rhythm to the best of her ability – Laura has an exciting future”

Laura often scores an 8 for riding in her dressage tests with comments such as “super riding” & “lovely partnership” from the judges

Laura has ridden out 2yo race horses on the gallops, broken & produces youngsters, schooled/competed PN to advance horses, show cobs & event ponies to is more than use to handling stallions, colts & pushy broodmares!

Currently Laura is competing in 2012 at British Eventing – Novice/ CIC* Level ~ BSJA 1.15cm Open Level and British Dressage Medium Level scoring great results. With more opportunity Laura is looking to compete at a higher level and give the established pros a run for their money.  Laura is also due to take her BHS Stage 4 Riding in 2012


My Horses – An introduction to Laura’s own horses

Welton Wizard (AKA Wiz)

16.1hh Grey Gelding 15yo Sport Horse

Owned by Laura Ridlington

“Wizard is an amazing horse and I feel privileged every day I ride him. A massive thank you to Alex Postolowsky for giving me such an opportunity”

Laura was initially given the ride on Wiz to see how they would progress (now purchased) – Wiz had been out of action for some time due to a tendon injury but had previously evented to 2 Star level with Alex. Laura is careful with all aspects of Wiz’s care, routine & training and he requires specialist management to keep him on the road. Fingers Crossed for their 2012 season!

HighGate Cat (AKA Babykins)

16.2hh TB 5yo Bay Gelding

Owner by Laura Ridlington

Babykins is named because he really is that cute! He has all the aspects to become a top class event horse. In 2012 Laura aimed to re-break him and start off his eventing career however Lauras’ car crash (See News Page – in February leaving her with a Fractured Spine) has put a hold on this plan.

Roll Over Rupert (AKA Rups’)

16.2hh Gelding 17yo Grey TBxConxID

Owned by Laura Ridlington (on loan to Rebecca Green)

“Rupert is my best friend I had such a great time with him – whenever I moved away to be based on different pro yards he was always with me. I am so happy that he is out strutting his stuff and winning lots with Rebecca”


My Trainers – meet Laura’s trainers & some of the experts behind LR Eventing …

Malcolm Holthausen – International Dressage Trainer

Malcolm has been great at helping me establish a great partnership with Wiz. He teaches you to ride from you seat, legs to hands. He really has been invaluable and offers great support when striving for my equine goals.

Caroline Moore – BHSFD * 4 Star event rider * Top Event Coach

Caroline has taught me for years – although I do not have the opportunity to have regular coaching with her as I would like but you get so much out of a lesson. Caroline has really inspires me – if I could be as half as good coach / rider I would be very happy!

Julia Dungworth – International Event Rider

I currently have Wiz based at the same yard. Julia is brilliant at getting me and Wiz jumping more correctly and we have worked a lot over canter poles to help regulate his stride. Julia is very kind in offering me lifts (arriving in style!) to events as well as recommending which events would be best for Wiz (As I am fussy about ground in all phases)

Peter Hales – BHSI

Peter has been brilliant at supporting me through my BHS teaching exams and encouraging me to aim higher – that I really can achieve it!

Also Jo Cole (BHSII) taught me through-out my Pony Club days and got me started teaching all those years ago. Jo was great helping me and Rups score some amazing dressage wins!

Martin Deacon

Martin Deacon is a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers (the highest accolade for farriers in the UK) and runs a progressive farriery practice in Leicestershire. Martin sees all my horses to make such they are in tip top order. (For more details see MY BLOG page)

Ettie Cook – Equine Physiotherapist & Advance Event Rider

Ettie is great at ironing out any tweaks my horses may pick up and being a top rider herself really know the stresses and strains of the sport


I hope you have enjoyed finding out more and Laura & Team LR Eventing.

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