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(August 02, 2012)

Devastating news

Vets …

After a few days with Wizard having a hot, puffy leg I called the vets for a scan – it was the same leg where Wiz had Stem Cell treatment on a tendon injury a few years ago – surely this cannot be good. I still felt a glimmer of hope – Wizard wasn’t lame, heat and swelling went to normal after cold hosing and walking … but it did come back.

Unfortunately after a scan it revealed that Wizard’s tendon has a small hole just above scar tissue from his pervious tendon injury. I cannot begin to describe how upset I am in so many ways about this.

Oakham vets said that this is very common & unpreventable injury to a weaken area - they even said they feel disappointed for me as Wiz looks absolutely stunning, fit & healthy! I only wish I’d known or been told that it is fairly common for a tendon to go again just above a pervious injury back in October at his last scan.

Of course Wiz is to receive the best care available but the chances of him ever eventing again are slim.

Currently Wiz is on box rest with twice daily hand grazing and cold hosing – of course excessive cuddles & treats. He has happily taken up the hobby of eating or scoffing as much as possible – his lean, toned, slim figure is no more!



Above - Wiz at Shelford Horse Trials earlier this year… Where I meet a previous long term owner who was delighted to see him.

Robert happily shared tales of his and Wiz’s hunting adventures. He couldn’t believe how well Wiz looked and how clean his legs where (no lumps or bumps!) He was so pleased to see him being well cared for & loved. He even joked with me after our lovely clear show jump round & recalled a time when as a 7 year old wiz was so naughty & "full of it" he knocked all the show jumps down at an event - they wasn’t allowed to run XC! It was lovely to hear so many compliments & learn more about wiz – such an amazing horse Xx

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