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Babykins - First Ever Show!

(June 02, 2012)

Babykins AKA Highgate Cat was well placed at his first ever show ... The Deeping Show - In hand ROR class

On arrival he was shaking with excitement - there was horses & ponies everywhere! I walked him around and did lots of in hand schooling to help settle him. With only one rear I headed back to the box to put on his show bridle.

Babykins looked stunning - if I say so myself! Within minutes of being unloaded several people where keen to find out more about him ... his fan club grows.

The class - ROR (ex-race horses) showed lots of drama for spectators’. Largely due to being next to the cattle stalls and in front of the tractor parade - many of which backfired often!

I was over the moon with Babykins, he was so well behaved and was really enjoying being out. I did get the feeling that all the horses thought they were in a parade ring awaiting the jockey's.

Babykins impressed the judges and he oozed present, although he didn't quite understand all the standing which is involved with showing. This moved us down the placing’s: 4th & brilliantly behaved at his first show, I couldn't be more pleased!

 Laura X

IMG_2760  IMG_2775
 IMG_2785  IMG_2794


Top left - Standing with Baby (posing!)

Top Right- walking round for the Judges

Middle Left - Troting up for the Judges

Middle Right - Some drama (thankfully not me!)

Bottom Left - Trotting up (Baby posing!)


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