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February - Disaster Hits

(February 28, 2012)

Disaster strikes for Laura on 24th February when she was involved in a serious car accident.

As you can see from the photo it was quite a crash. Laura wasn't to fault but the consequences from this incidence to Laura are huge.

Laura had pulled on the A1 southbound road near Stamford (Lincolnshire) when a car came flying up behind her, from nowhere at excessive speeds hitting her car and sending it spinning into the central reservation crash barrier. Fortunatley the other cars managed to avoid hitting Laura's car; dazed and injured she was pulled to safety.

Laura's major injury was an acute fracture to her T7 vertebrate (spine) preventing her from continuing as a Groom/Rider for Angus Smales and leading her to withdraw from Lincolnshire Event as well as put her eventing/ career path on hold.

These are sad times so more than ever Laura requires your support...

Ever the optimist Laura hopes to be eventing (If the Doctors allow) by May and will soon be available as a freelance Coach, Rider & groom.

Poor car - write offpic 4 KA rear 

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