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March 2013

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Working as an International Show groom on the Sunshine Tour Spain 8th February - 30th March 2013

Ah sunny Spain - or often more likely to be heavy rain! The weeks seem to have flown by and I wasn't even aware we where in March. I was definitely in a tour bubble and enjoying the Show jumping world. The horses where all lovely and I have grown so fond of them all. Biker is stunning 17hh 6 year old stallion would more than likely be spending his days sleeping the only problem was getting him up to jump! He would groan and sigh, pretty much roll his eyes at you then sit like a dog as if to say "I'm up, honest!" Very cute!


Photos: Arriving through the gates * Biker * prefect tree for the stables

The days where so busy with the 5, 6 & 7 year old horses competing Tuesday - Thursday then the Grade A's competing Friday - Sunday there was always lots of preparation to be done. Rouge was a very talented horse and jumped well through-out with Matt Sampson - who made it look very easy. Video here of them in action around the Grande Prix and 4th place, unfortunately I didn't capture there amazing jump off round but trust me it was quick!


 Photos: Matt & Rouge * Rouge relaxing * main arena

I learnt huge amount and it was fascinating working in a different discipline as a lot was done so differently to the eventing world. I hope that now at least my show jumping courses will look tiny - fingers crossed! I am now more keen & confident to try a variety of bits rather than sticking the few I've always used - as it can make a huge difference to the horses way or going and control for the rider if more is required. I must confess I do prefer the more traditional look generally seen in eventing ... the Show jumper do like the Bling!

It was a great experience and was a much needed break from the UK - something I would do again. However 7 weeks living in a horse lorry I was more than ready for the home comforts again! Thankfully it sounds like I missed out on some really awful British weather and didn't really miss any eventing out - phew. Now I'm looking forward to the season ahead and have some exciting horses to ride ....

Laura Xx

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