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2013 January & February

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2013 January & February

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have recovered well from the festive activities.

Plans at Team LR Eventing turn towards to 2013 eventing season. So far it is looking rather bleak. One ride has unfortunately suffered an injury in the field where she is kept with her owner & I have not found anything I like with a price tag to suit my budget!!

I was hoping that 2012 was my year of disaster; I think a car crash, fracture spine and retirement of your top horse is certainly enough bad news. However on a personal level 2013 brings the biggest heartache. Thankfully the business side of my life is keeping me hugely busy!

I have a few horses coming in for training in April with hopes they may going on to event. I have also been very busy teaching and there has been such a great improvement in my clients and their horses I’m so very proud of them all.

I have some exciting news though …. I am off heading overseas working as an International Show jumping groom on the Sunshine Tour in Spain!! I’m very much looking forward to this and a change of scene is definitely needed. I will be looking after 7 horses and it is a four day lorry drive to the famous show.

Don’t worry I am taking my laptop so can answer any questions you may have or help in anyway. I am so please that all clients have been great booking in lessons and horses for my return.

I hope to gain so much from this experience and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

Take Care, Laura Xx

Wizard enjoying the snow


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