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July 2012

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The weeks have flown by I can hardly remember the start. Of course, my birthday however now is less on an event (getting old!) but I love that I still receive lots of new horsey gear – thanks everyone!

The main highlight was Aston-Le-Walls BE Event! My first ever Novice (always scary) especially when Aston is renowned for it’s up to height tracks.

Thanks to more (yes more) rain the going was deep and it was questionable whether it would run. Thankfully after Friday the sun shone and by the time I was to compete on the Monday the going on the XC couldn’t have been better. The show jumping was on a lovely surface; surprisingly it was the dressage arenas that were not so good. In fact horses where losing shoes.

I decided to throw away my dressage mark to save Wiz and went on the inside track! Surprised by my score of 38 as I didn’t try and was very conservative and careful where Wiz put his feet selecting the best ground possible – was certainly not accurate. Though it was a shame Wiz had been going amazingly on the flat and I’m sure it would have been a 28 (or lower) if the ground allowed me to really ride it. There was some good dressage marks coming through from those who ran earlier in the day or happy with muddy conditions.

Next was the Show jumping: it was an up to height beefy looking 1.10 (with 2 fences at 1.15m) a treble & a double combinations, as well as some tricky lines. Also being in an arena the jumps came up fast. Wiz tanked we into the second an oxer so of course we had the front rail; next was a one strided double of uprights (which had caused plenty of problems with spooky fillers) here I overrode and asked Wiz to waited too much, ending up under it. Wiz being a pro still jumped but resulting in both down ahhh thankfully we pulled it together and jumped the next 9 fences beautifully. Was a shame but overall a good round.

The cross country was causing problems particularly at the first water. I have never seen a fence like it. The best way to describe it was a steep up/down V slop with a jump right on the top & water at the bottom. From fence 3 the course looked huge with 4 of the fences featuring on the intermediate course too. I will confess I didn’t walk right up to the table as I didn’t want to see how wide it was! Also there was a beefy pair of corners on a curving line after a long galloping stretch I was worried about (wizard doesn’t like slowing and we could easily run past the second like at Little Downham Event) I should not have been concerned Wiz was insanely amazing!!! I felt I rode the best I ever have & our partnership together was second to none. I completely trusted Wiz and barely took a pull round the whole course – we were flying! It was the best 4 and a half minutes ever & I’ll never forget it. Wiz was so fit, happily skipped round and was hardly puffing as we crossed the line!! Woohooo

Picture Fence 4 Hedge/drop Aston – Le – Walls 2012


ASton 2 XC

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