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May 2012

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May 2012

May started out much like how April had finished … Rain - leading to more events being cancelled including Chatsworth International. I was disappointed to lose my first two runs out as my plan flowed and would have set me up for the tougher events.

I did get in another show jump practice however, please see Arena UK article in the New page.

Wizard was all set for a run and thank goodness we finally received an entry confirmation at Little Downham International Event. 

A last dressage lesson before the event really highlight an issue that had been creeping in; convinced it was a result of a weakness in my back I asked Malcolm (my dressage trainer) to ride Wizard. He definitely could feel the problem but thought it was a pain related issue Wizard may have. He was completely blocking his right side and becoming difficult to turn however the left was his usual; lovely and soft. Wizard seemed to be going better for Malcolm but he wasn’t happy with the result so I called on the expertise of my equine physio Ettie Cook (also fellow event rider.)

Ettie was brilliant and came out straight away. She remark on how well Wizard was looking and with a full assessment couldn’t find anything that would cause the issue. Back to square one! The equine dentist is booked for the end of the month. Malcolm had given me lots of exercises to do with Wizard to help him loosen up, which help although I am keen to resolve the issue.

Despite this Drama we managed a 26.5 dressage score at Little Downham International! Thanks to Malcolm for helping me warm up too. For the full report please see NEWs page.

It was strange to think on the drive to Shelford Manor Horse Trials that a week ago we were all freezing at LD now it was a heat wave! After the Blip from the last event I was determined for not only a good run but for an amazing one! The course looked nice, a few questions but nothing scary. The heat really affected Wizard; to be honest I could have quite easily envisage him on a sun lounger with a glass of Pimms! The dressage test didn’t impress him and we lack some impulsion thanks to the heat despite this a nice test resulted in a mark of 32. The open section was full of established experienced combinations, even with our good score it put us midfield. Wizard perked up when it came to the show jumping and we jumped another lovely clear – I really hope this trend will continue. After this we heard the commentator asking for more XC riders’ to come forwards early; I had to decide, crack on or give Wizard a break and go on our time. Normally I would just have got on with things but due to the heat I untack washed him down and went on our time. I think it was the best decision as it really was incredibly hot. We seemed to be round the XC before I knew it and everything jumped nicely. Between fences 8 and 9 there was a long galloping stretch down the side of the wood, on the end a turn to a skinny. I was worried about not being able to get Wizard back under control in time and with a few rider saying the fence hits you really fast and would be easy to miss I decide to take a control canter down the track. This proved to be a mistake; riding stronger Wizard was listening well to me and we jumped the combination with ease - although the canter meant we somehow managed to pick up 6.4 time penalties. Really! I was surprised and it pushed us out of 5th spot but all round it had been a good performance from us both. Wizard was so relieved to be untack then to have a lovely cool shower – it did look nice … I will confess I may have accidently on purpose gotten a mini cool shower too!!




 Pics: Top Left - Dressage phase       Top Right - Chating with Alex Postolowsky         Middle Left - SJ phase         Middle Left - 'Wizards moment' :-)    

Bottom Left - Shower time        Bottom Right - XC phase, The Hedge (fence 4)

A well-deserved day off for Wizard who spent it relaxing and sunbathing in the sunshine. The next day I discovered he’d had a serve what looked like an allergic reaction to something. I called my vet to discuss the options and purchase some first aid spray which has herbal soothing properties. Thankfully it seems to be going down. Unable to ride we have missed out on a jump lesson and a trip to the gallops plus we are back at Little Downham next week! Fingers crossed we can run.

Babykins has been behaving – mostly. It is due to have his first outing at the beginning of June. We are looking at entering him in some showing classes – he’s looking really well & is sure to stand out.

Keep an eye on the NEWs page for an update to how the day unfolded.

I would like to thank my newest supporter Wolds Exclusive Bling for Wizards gorgeous new browband. They sell fabulous, quality & very snazzy bridles, browbands & accessories. Please see their Facebook page for a full range of their products!

New updates to this site coming soon … keep an eye out!

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