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April 2012

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April 2012

This month seems to have come and gone quickly. The weather has held up a lot of preparation work and has led to events including Badminton to be cancelled. By the looks of things May isn’t looking any brighter.

Finally I have been able to do a bit of riding although not pain free it is manageable. Wizard is working well and in fact is so relaxed my trainer Malcolm asked if he was on a calmer! I’m so pleased that he is happy and settled; our work is coming together nicely. I have been suffering from blonde moments whilst learning some new movements – lucky both Malcolm and Wizard have been patience and I think I am starting to master or at least understand them.

I have even been show jumping, once and on lots of painkillers. Again Wizard’s calm attitude surprised all. We had a couple of rails down but I have put that down to me being rusty - as the last time we jumped a course was January! I feel dishearten as yet again I have not been able to put in the training we need and thrown us in at the deep end. Events in May looming perhaps we may be able to squeeze in another course practice before a competition….

In March work with Babykins had been progressing so well; however, this month I’ve not had the time or was put off my downpours to keep up with the work. He will be having a ‘make-over’ this weekend – extra attention he will adore.

Disappointingly Keysoe event has been cancelled leaving me a run short – fingers crossed I can reroute to Aston-Le-Walls but I have a feeling lots of people will have the same idea!

Let’s hope May brings us all some sunshine.

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